Musician? Click here, not a musician? Then tell one to click here

Hello, my name is Christopher and I’m straight up losing my mind. Why? Well, because I am a musician (no, that’s not why) and I am tired of struggling to find genuine muso-related information online.

I mean, sure, there are tons of international websites that feature instrument talks and advice from musicians. But you know what, I am proudly South African, and sometimes their English and my English is not the same… English… bruuu. I needed a web resource that said things in a way that I could understand. This resource had to be easy to get into, interactive, relevant AND not biased.

And that’s how Groove Station was birthed.

I realised that our local musicians are a wealth of knowledge. Some of them have been in the game for years and have so much to share. Who better than to share skill and advice with, than each other?

Want to have your passion ignited on the daily and hear from other talented musicians? Then you’ll love our weekly Meet the Muso feature.

Need to get some new gear, but you don’t know if that dude on Youtube has been sponsored to say that his guitar is the best? Gear Talk is for you.

Looking for easy to understand guides or tutorials and you’re tired of having to open 4 different Google search bars to get to 1 answer? Send your query to Show Dem and we will gladly get that info uploaded for you.

Our Hot Topic feature will serve as a way for newbies to ask questions and have them answered without being laughed at (come on, we were all that guy once upon a time). Older cats are invited to contact us too, if they feel that there is a hot topic that we should chat about. This site is for you.

So with that, allow me to welcome you to the Groove Station. Let’s do this!

Keep your eyes open for our FIRST featured musician, their gear, how they use it and abuse it.

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